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Its happened!! Rae is finally walking, even if she does prefer to crawl whenever she can, but I think she’s getting fed up of me saying ‘No don’t crawl, walk!’ every time she drops to the floor and I’m constantly standing her back up. And yes, she now no longer wants to go in the pushchair or be carried anywhere, but I’m ok with that (this may not be the case in 6 months time when I’ve repeatedly had to run after her everywhere we go). She took her first steps a few weeks ago at my friend Stacey’s house. Stacey was holding a cake out for Rae to have, and if there’s one thing that my daughter won’t say no to its food, and she walked across the kitchen to get it. I wouldn’t say she’ll be running a marathon any time soon but she’s walking more and more each day.

Another progress we’ve made is when it comes to changing her nappy. The other day, as usual, I told Rae to lie down so I could change her nappy and I assumed, as usual, she would ignore me. I turned around to get the nappy and wipes and when I turned back she was lying face up on the changing mat on the floor. I stared open-mouthed whilst wanting to do a victory lap around my living room. She lay still long enough for me to get the new nappy on! You may think this sounds slightly trivial but to me it was like Christmas. She also gets dressed like an angel now, courtesy of her naughty teddy bear that wants to wear her clothes every morning, so she has to get them on quickly before he gets them (I love that kids are so gullible).

Since my last post we’ve also had our worst nights sleep to date. She woke up crying about half past midnight which isn’t unusual as she does occasionally wake for her dummy. Normally I go in to her room, put the dummy in, walk out and it goes silent. Not this time. By half 1 I’d been in about four times and she still kept crying out so I assumed that she might be in pain with her ear or teeth and, worried that my neighbours might be ready to lynch me, I decided to get her in bed with me. I’ve done this probably 3 times before and it’s never been very successful so I’m not sure why I thought it would work now. I did figure that with it being half 1 she should be really tired so would go straight to sleep. Rae had other ideas. I must have laid her back down twenty times and each time she got straight back up to crawl around the bed. Ted and dummy were thrown across the room on numerous occasions and then she obviously needed them straight back or the tears would start again. When she would lie still I’d lie with my eyes shut hoping she would copy, and when I thought she was breathing like she was asleep I’d open one eye to see her staring straight at me with a big smile on her face. By half 3 I’d had enough and put her back in her cot. And then she really did cry. And scream. And cry. For half an hour. I got her back out at 4am and tried pacing the room but that just seemed to make her worse. I gave her calpol but that didn’t work either so I caved and used the last resort. A bottle of milk. In the whole year that I’ve had Rae I have never given her a bottle in the night but I didn’t know what else to do. So at 4:30am she had a bottle of milk, I put her back in her cot and…..silence. It only bloody worked!!! So I officially broke all of Supernanny’s rules but by this point I would have happily laughed in Jo Frosts face because Rae was finally asleep. Again I take my hat off to the parents that have non-sleepers because I wouldn’t want to do that every night. My sister wouldn’t be able to stand it either because I moaned all the next day about how tired I was.

Rae is moving up to the next room at nursery soon, which again reminds me how quick children grow up. She’s going to go from being the oldest in the room to one of the youngest and it means she’s not a baby anymore. I was so proud the other day when I picked her up from nursery and a nursery nurse I’d never met before came up to me and said ‘what a mild-mannered and well-behaved little girl you have, we don’t know we have her she’s that good and she’s our little helper, she brings us shoes or dummy’s when one of the other children lose them’ so I guess I’m not doing too bad of a job then. It’s coming up to a year to the day I first met her and I was looking at photos and videos of that time recently and it’s scary how much she has changed.

I took my niece bowling the other day and we were talking in the car about people having babies and she asked me what age people had to have a baby by. I explained to her that some people don’t want to have a baby and that that’s fine and it’s their decision. She looked at me with a knowing smile on her face and said ‘but what about if they get a phone call like you did telling them they’ve got a baby. I’m so glad they picked you to have Rae because I’d be so upset if they hadn’t’. I think she thought adoption was like jury service where you have no choice and were randomly picked to have a baby. I tried my best to explain to her what adoption was and that I wasn’t forced in to it! I think she understood in the end. I guess it was good practice for the types of conversations I’m going to have with Rae when she gets older. And judging by how quick the last year has gone those conversations will be here before I know it.


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