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Give me a break

It’s been a while since my last blog. I have no excuses, just life getting in the way. Everything is 100 miles an hour and before I knew it it was September, so I felt it was time I write another one.

I should firstly tell you where I am whilst I write this, and why I finally have time to do it. I’m sat on an aeroplane about to go on a three night get-away with 9 other girls to Majorca (ok, it’s to Magaluf but Majorca sounds posher). And there isn’t a child in sight. Between us we have 23 kids, and we’re not going on a hen do, or for a birthday celebration. We’re going because we need a break. In fact, we DESERVE a break. So why not.

I won’t lie, I cried leaving Rae. It’s not that I haven’t spent a night away from her before, it’s just that I’ll be the other side of an ocean and if anything was to happen I can’t just drive home to her. Oh and for the first time ever in her life she cried when I was leaving, clinging to my neck and refusing to let go. I’ve had anxiety about leaving her as the holiday has got closer, flitting between “stop being silly it’s only 3 nights” to “I’ll just not go, so what if you lose the money, just stay home”. But obviously I went and I’m determined to enjoy it. I’ve also worried for my Dad. My Dad who is a legend by the way. He’s booked the time off work and come to stay at my house with Rae so she’s still in her own surroundings. She’ll be in nursery for two of the four days so Sunday is the only full day he’ll have to keep her entertained, but I just pray she’s good for him, as we all know she can be a handful…….

Take the other day for example. I used to live in Huddersfield and was going to stay with my friend there and wanted to get on the road early. I left Rae watching her beloved Mr Tumbles and colouring in her book while I went upstairs to get her clothes. On returning to the living room I found her covered in pen. Both arms, both legs,both hands. When I asked her why she had done it I got the standard “I didn’t mean it” response. I put a picture on Facebook and admitted it was my fault for leaving her with the pens in the first place. What I didn’t put on Facebook was the incident that happened two days later, because basically I only had myself to blame. We were getting ready for nursery and work and she was stripped off, ready to get dressed. She asked me if she could have her pens. “Do you promise not to draw on anything but the paper?” “Yes Mummy I not draw on me” and we pinky promised. Even now when I’m writing it down, I feel stupid for believing her. I went upstairs to get her clothes, so I was gone less than a minute, but it was enough time for her to colour her fairy in blue. And I don’t mean a doll with wings. There are many names for this area – foo/moo/front bottom/flower but in our house it’s a fairy. We had ten minutes before we needed to leave the house. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Oh my gosh (we say gosh these days and not God now she copies everything I say) we need to leave and your fairy is blue!!!!” Recently she’s become obsessed with having a bath “Oh my need a bath now” and off she goes to the bathroom, climbing in to an empty bath. “We don’t have time for a bath! Get out I’ll have to wet wipe you!” Cue hysterics (from Rae not me) because I won’t turn the taps on. I had to drag her kicking and screaming from the bathroom, get her dressed while she was in rag-doll mode and get her to nursery, explaining to them that when they changed her nappy she wasn’t morphing into a smurf and it was my own fault for leaving her alone with pens.

Speaking of changing nappies, I can’t WAIT to stop doing this part of parenthood, however Rae has other ideas. She’s done a total of one wee on the potty in the last 6 months. She will sit on the toilet as many times as you ask her, and do absolutely nothing, then get off and wee standing next to it. A couple of mornings last week she refused to have a nappy on to go to nursery so I thought this might be a breakthrough and she’d just start using the toilet and it would be that easy! Apparently after 5 knicker changes by lunchtime the nursery nurses just decided to put a nappy on her as they’d ran out of clean knickers and leggings. So no it’s not going to be that easy. One Friday when we didn’t have any plans I decided to stay in and keep her out of a nappy for the day. It was while I was cleaning up the third wee on my kitchen floor that she shouted me from the living room to tell me she’d done a poo. I won’t tell you what I muttered under my breath. I walked in the living room and I could smell it but I couldn’t see it. Anyone that is experienced in potty training has probably played ‘Hunt the Poo’ at some point in their life. It’s like Hide and Seek, just less fun. When I was 7 I found my 2 year old brother hiding behind the sofa eating his poo, so I’m hoping I never have to experience that again (he’s going to kill me for writing that). Anyway, it soon became apparent that the offending poo was snail-trailed along a sofa cushion. Oh the joys. We’re no closer to getting out of nappies now, and I keep getting told not to push her, but I’d love her to be out of nappies by the time she’s 3 as she’s starting gymnastics and I don’t want her to be the only one there in a nappy. Her birthday is only three weeks away so I’m not holding my breath.

So yes, I need a break, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Everyone needs a break from their everyday life, because you’d go insane if you didn’t. Being a parent doesn’t define you. You had a life before your child and it’s important not to forget that. A few weeks ago, at the age of 34, me and my best friends I’ve known since school had a sleepover. Two of them are pregnant so instead of a night out we reverted back to when we were 12 and had an actual girls only, no parents allowed, sleepover. We had pizza, watched X factor and chatted about everything and nothing, but we all admitted it was just what we needed.

And now, instead of having to get up every two minutes to see to the demands of my two year old, I’m going to enjoy my holiday, drink cocktails on the beach and relax. Adiós!


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